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This capivating sensual scent caputres the essence of a man and will capture your imagination and lend an air of mystery to your space. This sensual fragrance marries notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver.  Reminiscent of a high-end cologne, it’s a natural choice for the man in your life (or yourself). This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including orange sweet, patchouli, nootka tree, and eucalyptus.

King Candle

  • Paraffin wax candle comes in a glass jar with a wooden lid.  Total candle weight 17 oz

    Approximate burn time 60+ hours*


    Each item is handmade and may contain small imperfections such as: slightly off-centered labels, small markings on the outside of the vessel, etc. which do not impact the quality of the candle.

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